Monday, October 10, 2016


In class on 10/11/16 we will discuss how to source materials and finalize your project idea. Please be prepared with your research and references and any materials you think you need. PLEASE WRITE TO ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. WE WILL REVIEW HOMEWORK AND IDEAS TOGETHER AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS. 

Possibilities for Multiples Project

  1. Multiple objects with variation on a theme, or the same object repeated. 
  2. A material or object used as a unit that is combined and accumulated to create a larger form and/ or installed in a specific space. 

Possible Materials and Techniques

1.Clay- hand built, press-molded or slip cast. 
2. Paper- paper mache, cardboard, cut paper or cast paper.
3. Fabric and textiles.
4. Plaster (must be cast into rubber or directly built up). Mold-Making. 
5. Wax- Cast into plaster or rubber mold. 
6. Rubber- Cast into plaster mold. 
7. Found Objects. 

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