Saturday, October 8, 2016


Multiples Project: Psychological Impact

Remember that nothing happens in the brain only, work through your hands, with drawing and writing. Ideas are generated and expanded while you are in motion, be open to discovery.

Answer these questions in your sketchbook or on a piece of paper that you insert to your sketchbook. BRING WHAT YOU NEED TO WORK ON YOUR PROJECT TO CLASS ON TUESDAY.

What kind of psychological impact do you want your sculpture to have?
What emotion do you want to convey?
is it purely optical?  (meaning engages your eyes and transforms your sense of space- example Tara Donovan, Olafur Eliasson

What visually excites you?
What formal aspects will you employ? Consider texture (contrast or homogenous), composition, eye level, color, monochrome, complexity vs. simplicity.
How can you go beyond your first idea and expand it? research aspects of the subject matter in art, mythology literature, science etc.

What materials will you use?

Fabric, paper (cut, constructed, paper mache, cast), rubber (latex or silicone), sculptable epoxy, plaster, clay (slip cast or hand built), felt, found/ bought objects?

In terms of multiples, will your sculpture be created in a 'series' the way that Louise Bourgeois and Kiki Smith create or will it be one form, or installation involving parts that add up to one sculptural piece like Tara Donovan ?

Here are three artists who use repeat and variation within their work, making several versions of an idea in different materials. Louise Bourgeois, Kiki Smith and Rona Pondick both deal with personal psychology that is transformed into a universal language that many can relate to.

Louise Bourgeois

Kiki Smith : Kiki Smith's work has a kind of naiveté to the way she draws and renders the figure. Her composition and material sense are enhanced by her personal way of sculpting, they are not limited. Her work is not about the isolated object but in how it relates to the other elements and how it relates to the viewer's own sense of physical self.

Kiki Smith

Rona Pondick

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